on gift-giving…

Lately I’ve been feeling like gift-giving is so huge and expensive in our culture.  We buy things for people at every occasion it seems.  Living in a small apartment with 2 kids has really opened my eyes to how much “stuff” we have that we don’t really need.  I love to give gifts and its also fun to receive them, but I feel like what I appreciate most as gifts are things that are small and thoughtful…and things that can be used up.  A woman recently gave me a cute little bag full of small “goodies” for the bath, creams, etc.  Stuff that will be used up.   I thought it was the most thoughtful thing in the world.  Candles, cool oils and vinegars for cooking, homemade breads and cookies, even material I can make something out of.  I love this stuff. 
I love to wrap gifts uniquely and then make a card.  The way a gift is wrapped is so important I think.  It creates the feeling of the gift, and if you take time to wrap something specially and make a card yourself, you not only save money, you make the receiver feel ….well…blessed, because you took time to do something different and cute.  Its different than just forking out cash.   And you can wrap a gift in anything….newspaper, tissue paper, or a tea towel really, and I like to use ribbons and beads to make it look more fun.  There is so much stuff around the house that can be used for more than its “intended” use.  Ya!


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