yes, i do love my life.

I have been thinking lately that yes, I DO.  I love my life.  There are aspects that are challenging (i.e. STILL not getting to sleep through the night, etc…) but when I think back to my childhood, and how my sisters and I used to play house, dress up our babies and pretend to live very responsibility-laden lives, well, here I am.  A woman is a born nurturer I believe, and I feel like I have stepped into adulthood finally and it feels good to be productive and to have babies and to love them all so much that you can’t even explain it.  
My goal lately is to really simplify my life.  I believe that simplicity is better for all those involved.  I tend, by nature to be a pack-rat…to save all manner of things with the hopes of using them to “make something, someday”.  Well, lately I am LOVING just getting rid of as much stuff as I can, and focusing on keeping organized, clean, and “on top” of our lives.  It is my job to be the manager of this household, and the challenge excites me, although at times it overwhelms me.  I see God’s hand in my life so often as I feel SO inadequate in my role, and I cry (literally) out to Him in my honest desperation, and He answers me!  He leads me to resources and comforts me.  God is good and I cannot imagine trying to do what we do without Him.  

Today is Saturday and I am loving this cuppa coffee beside me.  Coffee is, I believe, the grace of God in liquid form to a mama that is still getting up several times at night with her two snuggly-bugs.  Oh, I love them.  So cute. So cuddly.  So happy.  Lord, help me to nurture honesty, humility, love, peace …and a life-loving attitude.  let laughter and dancing abound in our home.  🙂


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