.fresh spirits.

Easter morning 


Just sitting here thinking about the awesome responsibility we have as parents.  Sure, we feed these little beauties, clothe them, bathe them, nurture them, nurse them to health when they’re feeling sick, shower them with unconditional love, etc.  But even more than that, we are responsible to nurture their spirits.  As we age, we become hardened and desensitized to the things of the spirit.  The spiritual realm can start to seem “airy-fairy” and unreal.  TV, movies, newspapers, magazines, etc…these things very often run counter to what we really know to be true…yet, they can have such an effect on how we live our lives.  With kids, its not that way. 


Its up to us to not allow that unbelief to creep into our own lives and spill over into the lives of our children. 

Jer and I really want to train up our kids to know that the realm of the spirit is real, and it is not just something “cutesy” and fun you read about in the children’s bible and hear about in Sunday school.  From as early as possible we have always included them in prayer …laying hands on someone who is sick.  Anointing them with oil.  Etc. 

I heard a teaching recently about kids and worship, and how important it is to TEACH a child HOW to worship.  Teaching them to sing, to dance, to raise their hands to the Lord.  They are so teachable when they are young.   Explaining what worship is, who God is, how real he is and how much he LOVES it when we sing, dance, talk to him, etc.  Also, treating the spiritual realm as we do the temporal.  Believing in its existence ourselves and conveying it to our kids. 

My prayer is that we will be able to show our kids the power and goodness of God.  My prayer is that God would begin to reveal himself to them at this young age, and would speak to them in ways that they are able to recognize, and that they will respond to his leading and calling, regardless of our flaws as parents.  And I promise to do all that I can to nurture a true depth of relationship between our kids and the Lord.  Lord help me.


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