our town: a beautiful mess

we have this great thing in our small town which is called “big garbage pickup week”.  if you came to visit this week and drove around town, it looks ATROCIOUS….all kinds of junk everywhere lined up along the roads.   BUT!  this is the coolest thing….everyone has taken to “shopping” in everyone elses junk.  i lovingly refer to this as “junking”, and it could be listed as one of my favourite things to do.  i can’t begin to tell you the amount of cool stuff we have found over the years. 
the funny thing is, i grew up with an appreciation for this sort of thing (one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure)…even when it wasn’t “cool”…we shopped at thrift stores always, and always had unique and cool things to wear.  we would go “junking” on big garbage week when it wasn’t popular, and when you actually wanted to make sure it was DARK outside and you were wearing all black.  tee hee.  seriously though.
well, now it seems its en vogue here in our small town to drive around and scope for freebies.  i am excited about this….recycling at its best.  people are really catching on to this.  the selfish part of me is a bit bummed out, however, because there is less cool “junk” to choose from…and i often feel a bit panicky when we drive around, wondering if the guy in the pick up truck ahead of us is gonna spot that sweet table before we can get to it.  hahahaha!  so much fun!!! i love it!


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