**we did it!**


well, i finally decided to just DO IT!!!  i have been wanting to live microwave-free for a long time now.  sure, who can beat the convenience…but i always feel as though i am compromising my family’s health in the meantime.  well, last week i asked jer if he was ok with us getting rid of it.  he was cool, and so, we unplugged it.  it is still sitting in its spot in the kitchen (we are giving it to my sister and her fiance who are getting married next weekend.)  it was nice to have the “security” of having it sit there unplugged “in case” we NEEDED it (heh), but alas, we have not used it in over a week, and i am gleefull… 

there’s just better things to do with your food.  and the health risks are not cool.

ok, i must get back to life here.  we’ve been working outside preparing the soil for a veggie patch, an herb garden and a perennial garden!  yay! i am so excited and i don’t know anything!!! thankfully my friend sara is a pro….and i have this very cool book to help me out! 


3 responses to “**we did it!**

  1. Way to go! I don’t miss ours at all…it’s been gone for a couple of years. You’ll actually grow to *dislike* it when you have to use one at a friend’s house. They are just so weird.

    Totally jealous of your garden! It’s on my life list 🙂 Post photos!

  2. i will post some photos. i’m excited too! yay!

  3. Thanks for writing about this… we live microwave-free when in China, but I’ve never heard of health risks from using one… off I go to read your links! ; )
    Jess @ Making Home

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