…how it all began…


jer just showed me this pic someone had recently emailed him.  this is of us in australia.  i am the one with the bandana.  jer is the one beside me.  this is when we were younger and hipper.  heh.  before we had our kids.  we used to work with Youth With A Mission in australia.  in fact, that is where we met.  we were both on a “discipleship training school” which is a 6 month school where you learn all kinds of things pertaining to life as a true christian.  then you go on outreach to another country, where you can put what you’ve learned into practice as a missionary.  we were on the same school.  we were on the same outreach to malaysia.  it was stretching and challenging and beautiful and hard.  God did amazing things in our lives.  i became new.  jer became new.  during all this, we fell in love.  
about 10 months after graduating from the school, we were married.  blissful (well, blissful with rocky bits…but mainly blissful :))  about 6 months after getting married we felt that we were to go back to australia and work on staff at the base where we had met.  we were there for about a year and a half.  we went to the solomon islands on outreach this time.  another stretching, challenging, exciting and beautiful experience.   then we came home (to canada…not jer’s home….he’s from texas) when we were pregnant with joshijah.  we have been here for 2 1/2 years and have had joshijah and hosanna may.  we’ve been working with the youth here at our small church and jer is just launching a new graphic/web design company.  he’s brilliant. 

God is good…its amazing when you look back at the paths your lives have taken, how you can see His hand so clearly leading….its not always so easy to see it when you’re in the “thick of it”, but He’s always there.  and so is His provision.  He is grand. 

*and that, folks, was just a bit about us.  * 




2 responses to “…how it all began…

  1. Hello sweet mama…first off, I looooove your blog header. So great. I’m a freak for birds. And the photo…great. I had a friend who was with YWAM in Austrailia…I’m sure you never met her, but just in case, her name was Holly Long 🙂 Anywhoo…I always wanted to do it, but never did. Do they have programs for married people with kids? hee hee.

  2. Hey Sara! i am so happy to hear from you…i LOVE your blog. you are great! my husband jer made the header for me. he’s a graphic designer. 🙂 I haven’t heard of Holly, do you know what base she was at? OH! and they DO have programs for married people with kids! at certain bases (they’re all over the world) they have “family DTS’s”. i’ve met families that have done it and some friends of ours recently got back from theirs. how cool would it be!??!?

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