mother’s day flowers! 

well, mothers’ day is fast approaching!  today i received a big beautiful hanging basket of flowers from jeremy’s mom and dad.  how very fun and wonderful of them.  i have been blessed beyond measure, not only with my OWN family, but with a family-in-law that i REALLY love.  before getting married, it was hard to imagine becoming a part of another family…after all, i had my own, and i liked them very much, thank you…BUT….i love jeremy’s family and feel SO blessed and honoured to have been welcomed into their family with open arms and made to feel so loved. 
thanks mama and dad little in texas for the beautiful basket.  it’s hanging on the front balcony!!!! 

as a side note:  i am working on making a gift for my mom as well….thought i’d post a picture…i’m TRYING to make more of my gifts… saves money, sure…but i think its fun to get handmade stuff….(hopefully other people appreciate it too….??!?!)  well, here is one of the pillows i am in the process of making…with button flowers.  🙂  
  pillow for my mama…


2 responses to “mama-love…

  1. The button flowers are so cute! And yes, I agree, homemade is definitely best!

  2. Beautiful flowers. I love the pillow too.

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