today it is c-c-c-c-cold!!! and really rainy!  its been so hot and humid here recently, which i have actually enjoyed….but today is feeling very cool.  jeremy’s parents are visiting here from texas, and they were hoping for some cool weather, so their prayers were answered.  🙂  God is good. 
i am feeling much better lately….getting better sleep, still getting up early, my garden is growing (YAYYAAYAY!—and my friends sarah and wes just came and brought us a whole truckload of organic compost:  horse manure, straw mulch, sand mixture…..oh, so yummy!), jeremy has finally moved into his new studio/office and things will start to become a bit more “normal” (?!?!?) is there such a thing? 
(okay, i WILL post some pics of the garden AND of jeremy’s VERY cool new studio.  just gotta get the camera back….)

so, its kind of strange…ever since jer and i have been married….(4.5 years), we have mostly always been together all day….i.e.  he worked at home, we worked together at the ywam base, etc…..BUT now he actually goes off to work every day, and we are missing each other a bit.  i think joshijah is feeling a bit strange about it too…he is acting a little funny towards jeremy, almost as though he is feeling a bit rejected or something.  funny how kids can sense when something’s different.  i think this will be a good thing for us though….it gives me a daily goal…a time when i am expecting my husband to come home from work…so i can have things tidy, cozy, ready for him to come home and eat dinner…

in other news:  i am now officially a diva girl!  I excitedly bought a diva cup after reading about it here, as well as on several other blogs.  everyone seemed to be raving about it, or other ones similar.  i’ve always thought tampons were a bit weird, although i used them, and pads, well….blech, but used them too.  anyways, today is my first try with the cup.  i was a bit nervous, but i am happy to announce, it feels great.  comfortable, i mean.  and as for everything else, i will report on it later, once i have used it for a while.  🙂
the cost of this diva cup was about $35.oo (canadian), but it will last for a couple of years at least, and i know i would spend much more than that on feminine hygiene products.  so, it was an economical buy.  also, its much healthier to use.  and lastly, its environmentally friendly.  so, all-in-all……diva-licious! 

** tonight we are going to the store with jer’s mom and dad to buy this.  jeremy’s parents are buying it for the kids (as long as we like it once we see it).  i’ve been looking at sara’s pics of her burley, and have been thinking how great it would be to have one for the kids…just to cruise around town, etc…  so, we’ll see how it goes!  i am really excited!  yay! 

i will post pictures of all of the afore-mentioned things soon!  (well, except the diva cup of course….not gonna do that.  heh)

have a great day!


2 responses to “RAIN!

  1. Oh, so glad you’re feeling better. Glad you have cooler weather, too. Almost jealous of your garden. 😉

    I can relate about dh being home and then gone. My dh has worked at home the last three or four years, when he came back home, it was time to do so, but now I feel it’s time for him to get an office. The girls are older and it’s so much easier to get things done, especially homeschooling, when he’s not here. Our house is small, so he works in the living room. I hope you all can adjust.

    Well, glad to hear a report of what all is happening in your life. I’ve been concerned about you. Can’t wait to see the pictures.

  2. thanks dawn! yeah…i have been feeling much better…just been really busy! 🙂

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