..::awareness is key::..

so today i am taking the kids to the doc for a basic check up.  well, mainly hosanna, since she is now one year old.
i’m feeling a bit nervous. 
the thing is, several months ago, jeremy and i decided we were not going to have our kids vaccinated any further.  after doing some reading and research, and hearing some personal stories, we felt that the right thing for us to do was not vaccinate any more. 

today i am going to let the doctor know of our decision.  i have NO idea how he’ll react.  we’ve always maintained the stance of “the bare minimum” when it comes to vaccines, and even then had to endure a bit of questioning from the nurse who administers the shots.  our doctor seemed to understand, however, and didn’t push too hard, so hopefully today will be ok. 

without getting into all the details, i feel like there are a lot of risks involved in the immunization process.  for some reason, the medical system does not feel the need to divulge the information to us.  so, as parents who want the best for our kids, we must take the initiative to search it out for ourselves. 

i am not saying that vaccination is wrong and that no one should do it, but what i will say is that every parent NEEDS to be aware of the risks, and needs to make informed decisions.  read lots of information, do some research, talk to other parents, and most importantly, ask God for wisdom in all circumstances. 

there are plenty of resources available both in book form as well as on the internet.  of course, not all of it is credible.  use discretion and discernment. 
i tend to jump on bandwagons from time to time, and, knowing this about myself, i pray that God would help me at all times to be reasonable, rational and listen for his leading…not believing everything i read, and always taking a balanced approach. 

i will continue to research this topic to find out more…and to maintain a balanced position.  Lord, please lead me….there are SO many decisions we make as parents.  so overwhelming sometimes,….but i know you are wiser than all of us…and you promise to give wisdom to they that ask. 

the conversation with the doctor went something like this:

DR:  “so, she needs to have 2 shots today.”

MEL:  “well, actually, we have recently made the decision not to vaccinate any further.”

DR: “oh  i see.”  (silence)….looking hosanna over….  
       “you do realize she’s at risk.”

MEL:  (thinking: well, yes, in fact she’s at risk either way… but we don’t get to hear about that…)
“uh-huh, yes.”…(pause)…”i’ve just been doing a lot of reading and feel that this is the best decision right now.”

…jumping ahead a few minutes…. enter nurse…

NURSE:  “so am i doing some shots?”

DR: “no”

NURSE: “oh, baby not feeling well?”

DR: “no, she’s fine.  we should be giving shots but we’re not.”

…exit nurse…

then my doctor procedes to tell me that his daughter is doing the same thing with her kids, and they have many discussions about this.  and he tells me that the decimation of the aboriginal peoples was largely due to the measles, which is still around in many countries…

so, i tell my doctor that i will continue to read, research and become as well informed as i can be…he encourages me to read from good, well-rounded sources…not just one sided.  i whole-heartedly agree…and we part amicably.  

not too bad!   i like our doctor.  he’s a nice man…and i appreciate his concern and his willingness to not argue about it with me. 

but i have to say, i’m glad that’s over.  🙂


ok, and on a more humourous, although scarily (sp?) true note, check out this video….haha!



3 responses to “..::awareness is key::..

  1. you are a wise momma…I’m proud of you and am calling you right after I send this to see how it went. love you so much. ♥ mom.

  2. Thanks for the post, I have really been thinking about this a lot lately as I know Gabe will be bombarded with vaccines in the first few months. I will definitely start researching and praying about it! Miss you much!

  3. Ahhh.. We don’t allow our kids to be vaccinated either. My professional training is as a nurse and get a lot of rolled eyes…
    Good for you for following your brain and heart!

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