my garden doth grow.


this may be boring for some of you…looking at pics of my flowers and veggies….but, for me, it is so fulfilling to see things actually turning into real food and real beauty.  afterall, i’m a newbie.  so, i’m excited. its ok. 

shasta daisies:  


this is the cool lattice that my jer-jer did build last year.  its so cool.  i overheard a lady walk by the other night saying she was gonna “steal that lattice idea”.  first i thought she was gonna steal the lattice.  i was about to get feisty.  but no.  just the very cool idea.  that’s ok. 


pretty pretty:


the beets are coming!


so are the cukes!


peppers.  i think they’re banana peppers. (??) not totally sure.


basil.  oh how yummy is basil.  i heart basil.


this pic was actually taken last week, so everything is actually much bigger and badder now.  grrr.. yes.



5 responses to “my garden doth grow.

  1. WOW! it looks amazing….especially for a first tymer. I’m so proud o’ you. yeah!!! ♥ mom

  2. Wow…I am soooo impressed. The garden was a budding beauty in early June so that kind of growth is phenomenal. If I were you, I would just sit and stare at it all the time…there’s something about a beautiful garden that brings peace to the soul. I guess it’s all about the wonder of God’s creation. Don’t you just love sharing the job with Him? Your many gifts are amazing…so are you! Hugs! mama little

  3. well thanks to my wonderful mama and my husband’s wonderful mama. you guys are so nice to me. aww… i love you both dearly.

  4. Your Garden is Beautiful!!! I wish I could see it in person, maybe by the end of the summer! Enjoy your long weekend!

  5. Your garden looks so sweet! I too am trying my hand at gardening… this is my first year. I have to use pots, though, because we rent and I can’t till the lawn:( So far they are doing ok, not quite as good at yours but I’m still excited;)

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