here’s what i don’t get:



how do you walk into the convenience store, ask for a pack of these and smoke your brains out with this picture on the pack? 
ok, i’ll admit, back in the day, when i was young and cool stupid, i smoked a bit.  (very gross and distasteful i know. bleck.) however, in my own defence, these packs were not around yet.  i would like to think that i would have changed my mind and run in the opposite direction.  yep.  its just so gross. 
these are canadian cigarette packs, for you american readers…this is the law in cigarette advertising here. 

oh, and this pack i found in my recycling bin tonight while i was putting it out at the road, our front porch is next to the sidewalk and sometimes we get some random recycleables.  🙂  yay!

in other news….
jeremy was gone for one night this weekend, ONE NIGHT!  and i hate being alone without him.  gives me a bit of the heeby-geebies, you know?… yeah, well wouldn’t you know, this ONE NIGHT is the night some punk decides to come into the back yard, through a closed gate, and throw our baby bouncy car through the window of the apartment downstairs.  huh??!?!??   WHO DOES THAT”!?!?!?!?!? 

anyways, the cops were here, it was a full-on exciting night.

do you ever get that not-so-safe feeling? 
me too.
i’m always glad to have my hubby back.


One response to “here’s what i don’t get:

  1. I can imagine you were scared! I would be too! I like the way you write your posts, like you probably talk, really funny (but serious none-the-less)!

    Melissa 😀

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