the weekend in review:

well this is by no means an exhaustive review of our weekend, just a few things that i actually remembered to snap with the camera. strawberries on the porch
(oh and peanut butter and honey sannies too!)


organic produce from a co-op i joined. 
every 2 weeks we get a bag of locally grown, organic produce…at first, there wasn’t much, but as the season goes on, the yields are getting bigger and better.  yummy!…and yes..those are my toes.)


  peas on the porch:

one of the MANY reasons i love my husband!


joshijah sporting his new tool belt:  what a big guy.
(this is the face he makes when you ask him to smile.  he’s REALLY trying!!)

Me and May-May:
(this is a sling i made several months ago…an old (but very cool) sheet, with some folding and a knot.  works great, was SUPER cheap, and i get LOTS of comments on it wherever i go!)

little boy blue:
(yep, we are a fully croc-ed out family now.   heh!)


4 responses to “the weekend in review:

  1. awwww melli you have such a beautiful family…and you are a beautiful mama. when I look at your pictures I want to live at your house….iiieeeeee.

  2. I second the motion on the beautiful mama and family too…how’s ’bout we all move in….looks like the eatings good…and lots of fun with the kids…course, we would have to buy some crocs! Mel, your garden is fabulous and I must admit, your hubby is TOPS! Hugs all around!

  3. What precious children you have! I love the sling too! One question, how does it stay on you? Is it comfortable for the child (which I’m sure it is because you’re using it), it just doesn’t look safe….
    I’m so ignorant, but I want one of those someday, so how does it work? Okay, maybe that was more than one question!

    Melissa 😀

  4. melissa.
    thanks for the comments. 🙂
    about the sling. well, this one is just a big knot at the top (the back of my shoulder…like i imagine they would use in africa or something…) anyway, it is really strong and steady, she is comfortable (although she’s getting to the age now where she just wants to get out and move)…and because its so close to my body, i can feel if at any time her safety is compromised (i.e…if for some reason it was loose or something, i would feel it immediately). i don’t use this one if i’m “working”….like doing dishes or something…just basically if we’re walking or something….really comfy!

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