a few things today

hmmm….so today:

1) joshijah peed on the toilet all on his own…got the stool, the kiddie seat, said, “i hafta pee”, and went!

2) he also fell head first into my parents pool.  janna and i bravely saved him!  no, but seriously…scary!  what was 3 seconds felt like 3 minutes.  however, he didn’t even cry!   big boy.  🙂

3) i was noticing how “sty”-lish our place is.  yeah.  its pretty messy.   argh!   (who feels like cleaning when you can be playing outside in the summer sun?) 

ok, gotta get the kids to bed. 
phew.  2 posts in one day!  good for me!

***edited later to add:***

4) realized tonight just how much of a spider chicken i really am.  i disturbed a spider unknowingly behind the counter.  he ran out, and i whisper-yelped, “oh! oh! oh!”..and ran around the kitchen wringing my hands…then i paced the whole place for about 3 minutes, staring at the area….and i totally had goosebumps.  hmm…weird. heh.


One response to “a few things today

  1. Haha! Gotta love what happens in your home that makes it so unique!

    Melissa 😀

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