so simple…but easy to forget

so many things in the christian life don’t really make “sense” to the rational mind.  it’s one of the things i love about God.  when something seems impossible,  its not. 

so simple…but so easy to forget.

today i was reminded again how praising Him actually sets us free.  when we take our eyes off of ourselves long enough to worship God, it brings such a release.  joy. freedom. all things good. 
our perspective can be changed almost instantly, and life can seem so different all of a sudden.

i experienced this today, as i have so many times.  its been a quiet, rainy day here.  i was SOOOO tired today (yeah, another bunch of punks woke me up last night from 3:30-4:00 am….grrr…!) anyway….that’s besides the point.  i was tired, feeling…well,….just “meh”….you know…and i put on this cd
wow.  what a difference.  God is good.  we need to worship him because he is so good and so loving and so faithful…. 
i LOVE this verse

you have to love this amazing God we serve. 

btw:  if you haven’t heard the hillsong united “united we stand” cd, give it a listen, or just go ahead and buy it.  🙂  its really great.  anointed.   


4 responses to “so simple…but easy to forget

  1. I feel the same way about Matt Redmans worship CD, Facedown….track two has me hands raised and crying in my living room. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love hillsongs!Praise God, next week I am so blessed to get to see Darlene Zech from Hillsongs at a Joyce Meyer conference in NJ!!!

  3. amen sista….I mean dawta…well actually… hehe.
    You know the secret of finding Him in all circumstances…
    He is so wonderful…ya.

  4. True. When I praise Him, I am reminded of His greatness, His power, His sovereignty. And all of those things are so much bigger than anything that could be troubling me.

    We just bought Hillsong Mighty to Save. Love it!

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