i heart vinegar dot com.


dot com? 
that’s just a little thing that jer and i do.  heh.  we’re geeky like that. 
we add “dot com” to the end of things sometimes…..  take for example the other day.  jeremy opened the fridge.  chuckled a bit and closed the door.  i said, “what’s so funny?!?!”  he gives me a funny look and says, “why my fridge stinks dot com”  hahahahah very funny, right?  yeah.
i try to clean my fridge regularly, but sometimes it does get away on me. especially in these summer months full of fresh and abundant produce….someone please tell me you know what i am talking about…. puh-lease.  ???  

but i digress….this post is actually about vinegar and the love i have for it, not my dirty appliances.

so, being a mom, and ever concerned with the welfare of my family, i recently decided to get rid of all my regular cleaners, which are full of toxic things.  i was using spray cleaner to clean counters, baby seats, tables, etc…
you know how those grubby cute little fingers get all OVER the place, well, so…the cleaner was being used FREQUENTLY…
so, i got rid of that stuff, and replaced it with straight white vinegar in spray bottles.  I.AM.IN.LOVE.WITH.IT.  yes.. it cleans like a charm, while disinfecting! and the greatest thing about it is that the kids can help you clean.  heck, they could actually drink the whole bottle of cleaner and live to tell about it.  (let’s just say, i hope that never happens or we are gonna have a whole lotta acid reflux goin’ on…if you know what i mean!)

ok, so, the smell.  seems these days people don’t want to give up the smell of cleaners for the oh-so-delightful smell of vinegar wafting though the house.  i just like to think of french fries on the beach.  heh. that helps. 

you get used to it…in fact just tonight jeremy was eating some salt and vingar chips, and said, “hmm…these taste like cleaner!”….see?  its growing on us.  (he was joking.)

no, but seriously…. the smell dissipates quickly…and if you read up on it, you will find that vinegar is actually like baking soda in that it absorbs other odors.  🙂
AND!  if you mix it with a bit of olive oil, it makes a GREAT wood cleaner/polish! i’m not joking!

well, i could go on about the virtues of this delightful substance (and there are a lot of virtues), but you can check them out yourself at this link here.   they even have daily vinegar tips! funtimes!

and so…maybe next time i will focus on my other love:  baking soda.

(ok, love is a STRONG word, but you get my drift.)

happy cleaning! 


7 responses to “i heart vinegar dot com.

  1. well…believe it or not Melanie…I went to Dollarama where I picked up a beautiful spray bottle with a lovely green tree on it (made me feel enviromental)…and I put my vinegar in it and proceeded to clean my house. I have to admit …it does work and now my grandkids can chew on the furniture and it won’t make them sick…heheh
    I’m not as crazy about vinegar as Melanie is…actually hate the stuff…but hey we each have to do our part to keep a clean world. love you.

  2. haha! You’re so funny! That vinegar website is unbelievably geeky, yet fascinating, I LOVE IT! I can’t wait to clean tomorrow! Wow, I really am weird!

  3. You are not alone! I use vinegar all over the house. I think you would enjoy “Clean House, Clean Planet” if you haven’t checked it out already.


  4. yes! sarah, you seem like that kinda girl that’s got this stuff all figured out! i hope we can hang out with you guys in texas. 🙂 looking forward to it!

  5. Wow, I feel so educated dot com….thanks! I don’t mind the smell of vinegar so I may just do that, maybe clean my mouth with some bread, olive oil and vinegar.

  6. Hi! I came upon your blog by accident, but I’ve just got to say that I’m a recent vinegar convert also! I’m so excited!! My Mom has also used it for years in her laundry- reduces odors, makes whites whiter, etc. Happy cleaning!! 😉 Blessings!

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