sugar high…

as if he doesn’t already have an over-abundant supply of energy, Joshijah thought he would take a great opportunity to ingest some large amounts of sugar while i was on the phone.  yes, this was an official government phone call, not just chit-chat.  i was pleased with what i thought  was good behavior in the other room.  odd, i thought, because normally as soon as i pick up the phone, things get wild.  (weird…does this happen to anyone else??) 

anyways, as i was saying…i was glad he was so quiet, playing so nicely while i was on the phone….
upon entering the living room several minutes later, i see that joshijah has happened upon the brown sugar canister, has his paws hands right in the jar and is shoveling it into his mouth.  i also notice that it is sprinkled all over the carpet, the couch, the coffee table, and is working its way into every crevice in the house.

and i found poop on the floor to boot.  *sigh* 
toilet training. yes.  
neverending joy and bliss.  *smile* 


One response to “sugar high…

  1. hahahahahahah! Remind me to tell you about some “funny” things Jeremy did while I was on the phone! Glad to hear that you’re still smiling!
    What a woman! Hugs!

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