wow! i haven’t been online FOREVER it seems!  now i’m just checking my email, blogs, facebook, etc….
we were staying at my mom and dad’s for a while, while they were up at the cottage.  it was SO nice to have some more space!  what a treat it was.  🙂  the kids were happy (and therefore, so were we!) … they slept great, played great, etc….

now i have my computer hooked up to the internet again, but alas, TOMORROW WE LEAVE FOR TEXAS FOR 12 (count ’em!) days! 

we are excited! 

i’ll be online there however, so i’ll spread the texas love.  🙂

ok, for fun….check out this website.  you can draw a crazy mustache on any picture, and make it grow, cut it, etc….AND THEN! you can send it to someone and it will TALK…the mouth moves and everything.  just sayin’, if you’re bored.  

i’ll try and post some more later today when i get a chance!  if not, i will see you from the deep-south!


One response to “whoa!

  1. Gabe can’t wait to meet more of his family and I can’t wait to see you guys either!! See you soon!

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