oh how lovely!

sorry i haven’t been posting!
we are still in texas, and jer and i are currently AT A VERY NICE HOTEL ALL BY OURSELVES!!!
we’ve gone out for lunch (mexican!), dinner …(cajun seafood!), walked through the mall, watched a movie in bed, slept in real late, breakfasted at a cool coffee shop, did some shopping at a couple of cool vintage shops (my fave…a bit more pricey than my typical “thrift shops”, but …you gotta spoil yourselves every now and again, right?)

so, yes, we are having a lovely time! 

my brain seems a bit fuzzy right now, its not used to this luxurious laziness…so..i think i’m gonna leave it there for now….  *yawn*  its naptime.  *smile*

i’ll be back soon….!


One response to “oh how lovely!

  1. oooooh…how nice! sounds delicious. Have a great time.
    The weather here is cookin’ and still no rain…yikes.
    See you, momma.

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