old wives tales?!?

ist1_1432828_peanutbutter_sandwich.jpg  * the other day i was thinking about how many of these “home remedies” we hear about actually work.  joshijah had the hiccups and jer’s mom said to give him a bit of peanut butter… and what do you know?!  works beautifully. 

i was also getting a sty on my eye the other day (yeah, getting my sty-on.  pretty.)…but i remembered my mom would always take her gold wedding ring and rub it on the sty when we had them as kids….so, i did it.  and the next morning..ah, gone.  yeyah! 

i know these things sound silly, but there must be something to them.  i know there’s many more of these “remedies” out there.   Staci at Momma of 4 Blessings posted about some good ones the other day.  i am definitely going to try them out.  bring on the garlic and the honey.  mmm..!

anyone else out there have any great remedies to try out?  c’mon…share the love!


4 responses to “old wives tales?!?

  1. My grandmother used to rub whiskey on my Dad’s gums when he was teething. It stopped the crying right away, but for all the wrong reasons. Heh heh. It also explains an awful lot about my dad!

  2. yaaaaaaah! ya gotta love dem ol’ wives….hehe. momma.

  3. haha nate! i think jer’s dad used to use that one too! i guess it helps them sleep nicely too. 🙂 can’t say i’ve tried that one yet. 😉

    oh, and mom, i wasn’t calling YOU an old wife!

    staci….you’re welcome! thank you for all the helpful info on your blog!

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