oh, the potato.

yes, the potato.

this weekend, in our town, is a very important weekend.  
a weekend full of parades, parties, people, and ….   potatoes.

seriously.  its the “Potato Festival”. by some its been lovingly dubbed the “spud fest”, and by others, an even more fitting “pot fest”.  whatever you want to call it, it seems we are a big potato producing location and are very proud of the fact.  
i can attest.  i have, in my lifetime, been a potato scout, a potato rogue,  a potato grader, pulled volunteer potatoes (yes, volunteer potatoes.  weird thought, but its very much real), and been a potato nanny (well, ok, i was a nanny for potato farmers).  so, i have seen my share of the lowly tuber.  

anyway….tonight was the big kick-off parade.  a whole lotta firetrucks, tractors, horses and shriners, and a whole lotta fun.  the kids were loving it (once they stopped crying in fear…those trucks are REALLY loud when they are only 3 feet away….poor babies!)  and when else can you see EVERYONE you haven’t seen since….well….um…last potato festival!   yay!

after the parade, we walked the street a bit…(street performers, and of course, street meat)…we headed home, put the babes into bed and sat out on the porch with jes and tom, and my dear friend melissa and had some homemade salsa and some yummy sangria….and watched the crazies on the street.  

tomorrow is another day of potatoey goodness…lots of street vendors, midway, car shows, and friendly faces. 

this is what small-town living is all about.  🙂



2 responses to “oh, the potato.

  1. I am a huge fan of the potato. I believe the back of my thighs can attest to that!

  2. yeah…potatoes are pretty darn tasty. my thighs can also attest. 🙂 ach!

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