lazy blooger.

well, what i meant to say was lazy blogger, but after the typo, i thought it was better to leave it that way.  sounds much cooler, no?

just sayin’ that i have been real lazy with my blogs lately… no fun pics or anything.  man, i am so sorry.  i feel like i have things to write about and say, and really, all day long i write blogs in my head (does anyone else do that?  seriously, i have written some suh-weet blog posts in my head…but few of them have come to fruition. ) its just that with traveling and the busyness of the summertime, i have been distracted and  *doh!*

anyway…*sigh*  in news today, we are preparing to move this week.  when i say preparing to, i mean we are starting to get ready to do a whole lotta work to our new location.  its gonna take awhile…we need to put in new flooring, and paint, paint paint!!!  jer and my BIL tom fixed up the fence in the yard today, to make it a nice, fun and SAFE place for the kiddos to run and roam.  YAY!  i’m starting to get excited! 
we have been talking about getting a dog. (am i crazy?!) 

tomorrow i am heading to the beach with the kids and some family.  i am looking forward to building sand castles.  i love sand castles. 

well, i am heading to bed.  goodnight! 


2 responses to “lazy blooger.

  1. You are moving? I guess I have to look back at old posts because I totally missed that. Where to?

    And, yes, you are crazy for thinking about getting a dog. Think third child who never grows up.

  2. yeah, we are just moving downstairs. not too far. heh. and as for the dog, we are praying to find a “mature” dog, who’s good with kids, and can keep the bad people away. 🙂
    he has to be perfect. that’s all.
    (i’m not a dog lover by nature…)

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