i want a racin’ car!!!!

yes, here i sit on thursday evening.  trying to enjoy the rest.  putting my feet up.  jer is at a meeting.  poor guy, he’s been so busy lately.  his business is doing well, which is great, and now he’s begun the big task of renovating the apartment we are moving into.  (we live in an old century home which is 2 apartments.  currently we are upstairs, but are getting ready to move downstairs as the family that was living there has moved on out.)  anywhoo…..the racin’ car.  yes….joshijah (which, for those of you who don’t know us, is pronounced “josiah”)  he’s in bed, and CALLING AND CALLING AND CALLING,  “mama i want a racin’ car!!!!  mama i want a racin’ car!!!  mama i want a racin’ car!!!”  this kid is seriously relentless.  re.lent.less.  *sigh* 
because i am a nice mama, i DID give him a racin’ car.   a dinky car.  i let him take it to bed.  but it wasn’t enough.  no, it’s never enough.  you see, he want’s the BIG.BAD.RACIN’ CAR.  its a real model and it weighs about 10 pounds.  heh. well, maybe not quite, but you get the picture. 

last night i was tired.  and so he got the big racin’ car.  tonight, i have to draw the line.  otherwise, it will N.E.V.E.R stop.  never. 

ok, well….anyway, i found a funny and interactive website today.  check it out.  make sure you interact…..the old guy staring at me blinking his eyes at the end creeped me out a little.  but just a little… 





One response to “i want a racin’ car!!!!

  1. Jos knows everything is bigger in Texas so after your visit here he has to have the biggest!! miss u guys

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