the precious miracle of life.

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happy one week birthday to you, Penelope Star
you are a precious baby girl, loved by so many.

never have i yet met you,
but prayed for you i have.
that God would bring complete restoration to your tiny, beautiful body.
that you would be given strength unimaginable
and peace and joy unspeakable.

that you would know and understand the love that surrounds you.
(your family is enthralled with you). 
your mama and daddy watch your every move with wonder and concern. 

as you grow and develop into a young girl,
my prayer for you is that you would be filled with God’s love and joy.
that His peace would be your strength throughout your days.
that His blessings would pour out over you, giving life. 
that healing would come speedily…that the doctors and nurses would stand in amazement as you go above and beyond what was ever expected! 

you are precious.
to God.
to us.

i can’t wait to meet you face-to-face.  🙂

**penelope is the daughter of jeremy’s cousin chris, and his wife sarah.  she was born with spinabifida (a condition resulting in an opening in the back, which exposes the spine).  there was a sack of nerves which was outside of her back.  she was taken to surgery shortly after being born to close up the back to avoid infection, etc.  she is also scheduled to have a shunt put into her head to drain some fluid which is on her brain.  (i’m not sure of all the details)…
she is doing well however!  she’s responding to the touches and voices of her family and gaining weight and strength daily.  
please pray for penelope as she continues to undergo surgery and testing, and as her mama will soon begin breastfeeding.  she will be going home soon!!!! 
pray for complete healing and restoration and for the peace of God to fill the hearts of her family as they watch her grow. 🙂

chris and sarah:  if you are reading this, please know that you are on our hearts and in our prayers.  congratulations on the birth of your girl!  she is beautiful!  (she looks so much like ethan in that picture with her eyes open!) 
you are both really great parents….it was great spending time with ya’ll in texas, and sarah, i really enjoyed getting together with you and the kids, and hope that we can do it again in the future (hopefully the not-so-distant future).  i really wanna meet this girl of yours.  🙂

love and prayers!!!


5 responses to “the precious miracle of life.

  1. what a good poet, mother takes cares their son/daughter, they are waiting to their childs birth…Congratulations to you sister!

  2. Melanie,
    Loved the prayerful poem for Penelope! She is just a precious baby and has already become my hero! God bless you and your special family! These are the best days of your life…I think you already know that.

  3. thanks aggie!
    and a big hug and congratulations to you too!!!
    we love you guys…and miss ya’ll so much. 🙂

  4. Thanks Mel! More happy tears 🙂
    It’s awesome to know that so many are thinking and praying for us.
    Baby Girl is doing so well. She had her shunt surgery first thing Monday morning and has recovered great. She started on bottles too. I’m hoping to start breastfeeding today. Based on how well she takes a pacifier and her bottle, I don’t think we’ll have any problems. They’re talking about moving her down from level 3 to level 2. After that, we’re homeward bound!
    Thanks again and we’ll keep you posted.

  5. My daugthers name is Penelope Star too.
    We thought that we the only ones with this name.
    Ok, we are from Germany. I`d never heard this name before.
    We only want to say Hello .
    Bye bye.

    Familie Anders

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