God bless the smoke detector.

no, not because it saved our lives, or anything like that.  but because it can reveal so much about ourselves.  🙂

the other day, the smoke detector went off. 
joshijah, not flinching, not blinking, not pulling his eyes away from the movie he was watching, and definitely not running to the nearest fire escape, simply asked, “mama, you cookin’ dinner?”

i started howling.  and then i sighed, because i know it’s all too true.

i can see i’m gonna have to work on this.  

***and on another note***

i still have not won a sling.  so i am STILL trying.  
check out steph’s blog.  she’s giving away a baby dagny pouch carrier.  then go check out baby dagny.  they’re having a 75% off sale.   yeah.  i did say 75%.  fo’ real. 


5 responses to “God bless the smoke detector.

  1. Oh, that is too funny. Kids are so real.


  2. Note to self: don’t accept Mel’s dinner invitation.

  3. ha ha ha!
    but seriously. i CAN cook. just gets smokey sometimes, that’s all. 🙂

  4. HAHAHAHAHA! Wanna smoke a brisket? Was Jos watching “McQueen”? On another note, the prayer for Penelope was such a blessing….keep ’em comin’….the prayers and the bloggin’! Hugs all around!

  5. Funny!

    I just found your blog through Momma of 4 Blessings, and I LOVE your title. I don’t think enough of us SAHMs let the world know how much we love our lives at home!

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