it makes my blood boil.

The recent decisions in the US and in Canada to start vaccinating all 12 year old girls against HPV  (the sexually transmitted Human Papillomavirus) is REALLY bothering me.  (see title)…

The “reason” for the vaccination is said to be to protect young girls from cervical cancer…a low percentage of women infected with HPV do develop cervical cancer.    They want each and and every 12 year old girl to undergo a series of 3 shots, which I understand are actually only “valid” (wrong word, but you know what I mean) for 5 years. 
In some states it is already “mandatory” for each girl to undergo these shots,  and many others are well on their way to making it “mandatory”, and adding it to the childhood vaccination schedule. (I have mandatory in quotations, because most often it is only the appearance of mandatory.  Parents usually have the choice, but often don’t realize it.  Another reason why doing your own research is so important.)

The part that infuriates me so much is that the education system will rarely even make mention that abstinance is the right thing to do to protect oneself from STD’s.  Instead, it is believed that each and every teenage person is going to be having sex anyway, so let’s inject them with vaccinations to make sure they don’t catch one of the dozens of STD’s out there. 

These vaccinations are NEW….How long have they been testing them?  Long enough to know if any negative outcomes exist?  What will we find out in 20 years?? apparently they are already seeing some adverse reactions…see link at end of post.

The cost of these shots is around $300.00-$400.00 each.  Sounds to me like someone’s making some LARGE money.  ahem!!!!!  who’s telling who what to do?

I really believe we need to be teaching our children purity and how to remain chaste in a society that never even sees it as an option anymore.  Instead, we dish out MILLIONS of tax-payer dollars to give these shots that the pharmaceutical companies have convinced everyone are necessary.  What we really need is some common sense.  And then we need to teach that common sense to our kids.  It has always been, and remains a fact:  if you are sleeping around, there’s a good chance you’re gonna catch something. 

It just grieves my heart to think of all these girls being given a sense of false security and a pat on the back at the age of 12 (!!!) to prepare them for their sexual experiences.  Can we not begin to show them that there is a better, safer way?  It’s not only possible, but many people adhere to it…it’s called abstinance and marital fidelity. 

and seriously, this website is directed at teens….and it basically says, “do you really wanna get g*nital warts?  no….i didn’t think so… take this vaccine, and it’ll be cool.”  gack!!!

Here are some links to read…very interesting, if you are interested.  🙂


9 responses to “it makes my blood boil.

  1. Oh, Melanie – this makes me sick to my stomach. This world is such a dark, depressing place without the light of the Lord.
    We are striving to teach our children to remain pure, but I believe that with our daughters it will take more than that. It also takes protecting them from young men who may have impure intentions. Yikes – what a job we have!
    And, we will certainly reject the HPV vaccine!

  2. oh and let’s not forget that the politician who are pushing the campaign for this shot to become mandated are in merck’s pocket! my blood boils every time i see one of those “one less!” ads for gardisil. grr…

    yes. we will be one less.

    one less sucker who won’t be getting your vaccine.

  3. Yes, Amen…. ! I agree…actually we never allowed Jessica to have it in grade seven and when she went to highschool they gave it to her without our permission…that makes my blood boil! They haven’t approached Janna yet… I’ve allerted her to the possiblity. Stick to yur guns parents! We need to stand up for this generation and pray for them like crazy.

  4. i blogged about this sometime in the late winter/early spring, when all this craziness first started coming out. i think it was texas that was the first state to mandate the vaccine, which was enough to make my blood boil. what really sent me over the edge was finding out the govenor’s mother-in-law is a drug rep for the company pushing this vaccine. sick. i haven’t been keeping up with it since then, so i didn’t know other states were starting to mandate it, too. why can’t people be more aware and why can’t parents be left to do what’s right for their children (*cough*abstinence education*cough*) instead of the government shoving potentially harmful drugs down our kids’ throats?

    p.s. i think your blog is adorable and your family the cutest. i love how truly just happy you all seem. 🙂 i linked to you from jess at making home

  5. i think its sick too annie.
    and yes….abstinence education for sure. i remember when i was in high school, it was barely even mentioned. of course, that’s in canada…might be different in the states…but likely not too much.
    thanks for the comment! good to hear from you!

  6. This issue has been on the CBC lately, with many parents concerned that their kids will be lab rats for this new vaccine. I am not sure what the numbers are, but most on CBC’s TalkBack have been negative. I wonder if there will be a popular surge against this.

    I was amazed at how forecefully this vaccine was promoted on American TV–it was everywhere.

    That being said, I am not necessarily anti-vaccine. Vaccines have helped virtually eradicate things like Polio and Smallpox. Whether this HPV vaccine will play such a role, I don’t know. It certainly does not seem like it from what I have seen so far.

    As for abstinence education, this is a tricky negotiation between ideology and reality. Organizations that promote chastity pledges and the like often report artificially high success rates because they kick out the kids who fail to keep the pledge. Will all kids stop having sex, even with abstinence education? Very unlikely. Should we teach them ways to prevent the spread of disease? From a public health standpoint, yes. The reality is you can’t force your value system on others in a democracy.

  7. true, but mandating standardized vaccinations for all 12 year old girls is pretty much forcing a value system on others, in my opinion, and giving a healthy balance of abstinance education alongside the “safe sex” education would be far more fair, seeing as abstinance really is the only way to truly avoid std’s. it’s really only fair. if everyone is truly concerned about the welfare of our people, give them the truth.

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