it’s all happening.

well, tonight i sit here in our bedroom for the last time. 
the closets are bare, so are the bookshelves.
the hallway echoes when we talk, and not much is left,
except some odds and sods, and big furniture.

i have that weird mix of emotions swirling around inside of me.
on the one hand, i am excited (well, elated actually)
to be moving to a new place, one that meets our needs more effectively.

but i always feel a slight melancholy when it’s time to let go of a place that is home.
it hasn’t even been 3 years, but …well, lots has happened in this apartment…
we went from 2 to 3….
and then we became 4.
(talk about life-changing!)

so here i sit…
in silence, pondering.
the kids are not even here…they are with my parents.
(it always feels as though i have lost a major appendage when they’re not here with us.)

but seriously, once tomorrow is over, and we can unpack and make our new home home, i will be joyful…
God has provided so much for us, and i am so thankful.
AND! on top of all that, i am SO excited to have my husband back, and the kids are excited to have their daddy back…
he’s been working SO hard (with lots of help of course) to get this place ready to live in, AND he’s been running his business and picking up new clients every day to boot!

what a man.

i love you jeremy.
thanks for everything.

p.s. and a BIG THANKS to tom and jes and dad and mr.pat and uncle john and my mom and janna and everyone else who contributed to the renovation process!  ya’ll did a great job…  you are blessings!   love you!!!!

p.p.s.   once we’re settled in, i’m gonna post some before and after pics.   check em out!


3 responses to “it’s all happening.

  1. Can’t wait to see the before and after pics, I hope the move goes well…I’m so happy for you guys!! Love you and miss you much, Sarah

  2. thanks sarah!
    we miss ya’ll too…. we need some photos of gabe! he must be getting so big….!!

  3. Well, if you ever miss the old place too much you can always just walk right up the stairs . . . .

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