looking forward. :)

i’m excited to start watching THE OFFICE again.  seems i need a good belly laugh.  the office usually has remedy for that.  speaking of,  i want to give props to kelly and her husband ryan for sharing the “i heart dwight” widget.  ryan made it for kelly’s blog and she’s sharing it!!!  scroll down and check it out on my sidebar.  if you want to have some GOOD laughs and see some great pics, head on over to kelly’s blog.  she is hiLARious.  the kind of person you wish you knew in real life, cause….well, you’d be rolling on the floor laughing a lot.  she’s really cute…and so’s her family.  and they’re both talented photographers.  check it! check it!  
well, thanks kelly and ryan because, well…frankly, i am a big dwight fan. 

i guess i should go clean up the lemonade all over the floor. 



One response to “looking forward. :)

  1. Thanks girl! That is so cool of you to give us all the props! I am glad you are enjoying my blog and made good use of the badge….it is fantastic no? I am with you on The Office, everytime I see a commercial my heart skips a beat and I pee a little. I can’t wait!!!!!15 days left.

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