la la la…!

saturday morning.
well, our typical saturday mornings consist of cinnamon rolls and coffee (for me), tea (for jer) and reading the newspaper and flyers…but alas, today my blessed husband has gone to an all day meeting. 

so, its me and the kids. oh, and of course the dog.

anyway…i’m entering another contest for a baby sling.  here’s hoping i win this one!

hosanna’s still not walking, so my arms are getting hugely muscular (heh)…well, more just tiiiiiiired.  so this sling, made by rockin’ baby sling and being given away by steph, would be a great accessory for me, no?  i think so!  

anyone else want in?  check out the contest, and the rockin’ baby website

happy saturday!


8 responses to “la la la…!

  1. I love the slings, wish I had one when I had my baby boy, but I don’t think they had those 8 years ago!

    Good luck!

  2. What kind of tea does Jer like? Cutting down on my coffee intake would be a good idea. Any recommendations?

  3. hey dave! 🙂
    jer’s favourite right now is jasmine green tea. he drinks it with cream and sugar, which isn’t typical for green tea, but…green tea is supposed to be really good for you.
    jeremy feels MUCH better now that he stopped drinking coffee. he was feeling really bad for awhile.
    as for me, i tried to give up coffee, but felt much worse. hahaha! i like it too much. plus, the kids wear me out, so i need the caffeine. 🙂

  4. I loves me a good mug of Chai tea–which is supposed to be served with cream (or, in my case, soy creamer) and sugar.

  5. Your joy is refershing. Far past the baby sling phase, mine are 4 and 6.

  6. thank you marquita!
    and nate, oh yeah. i love chai too.
    i like to make a big pot of it on the stove…with milk and tea, and add all the spices and honey..and let it simmer.
    oh so yummy!

  7. OK, this is unrelated to your post, but since I have pestered you in the past about going vegan (a sound environmental choice–David Suzuki endorses eating meat free one day of the week), I thought I would let you know I started a vegan food blog to pass on meal ideas.

  8. i thik helpin her with regular excercises . can work .

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