just another manic monday…

good morning!

actually, i like mondays, normally.
i think it feels good to get back into routine, after the craziness of the weekend.
although, this weekend was not really crazy.  it was pretty good.  🙂

yesterday, after church, jeremy told me to get out!
(sounds bad, but it wasn’t.  it was a good thing. )
i was starting to go stir crazy….all you moms know what i mean…too many days of nothing but house and kids…..and dogs, diapers, dishes, laundry)

jer knows its much better for us all if i get out to get a breather.

so, my mom took me to the mall for some girly shopping bliss.  ahhhhh!


i bought some fun girl stuff.

and i felt MUCH better upon arriving home.   so HAPPY!

ok…it sounds like i am being shallow and buying into the whole “retail therapy” idea….but it’s not like that.  really.  it was just NICE to walk around the mall and be a plain, normal person.  not a mom…for just a few hours. 
(ok, i have 2 kids and a dog crawling all over me right now, so pardon any typos….and whoops,  …joshijah just threw his underwear at the dog.  yoink.  gotta work on that.)
but i digress…

yes, getting out every now and then is a good thing…

which is why i am starting cardio salsa classes next monday night!  gonna be fun!
4 of us girls are gonna go and shake it for 12 weeks in a row.  oh yep.

and as for today, jer and i have our immigration interview this afternoon.  its the final step ( i think) in his permanent residency application.  whoa.  its been long.  please pray that this interview goes well and that the rest of the process goes smoothly.

i will report back later.

well, happy monday! 


4 responses to “just another manic monday…

  1. I had fun yesterday too…..Hope today goes well…I’ll be praying for you…..and have fun shakin’ your salsa tonight …. 😉 yay!

  2. You absolutely have to get out and enjoy “you” time. Your right, it is better for not only you, but your family. Good for you! Do it again soon!

  3. yeah, i think i will 🙂

  4. High fives for mommytime. I had a nice afternoon at Barnes and Nobles, drinking a latte and reading gossip magazines for my “escape”. Your husband is wise to encourage this. hoping your paperwork goes smoothly.

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