big boots, little britches.


joshijah trying out his new undies, with his too-big boots.  🙂
and we got to wear our own boots last sunday, to a fundraising event called “jazz and boots”.  i don’t usually wear cowboy boots with a dress. but we were supposed to dress up and wear boots.  so, yes.  that’s what we did.  🙂   
photo below: tom, jes, me and jer.




7 responses to “big boots, little britches.

  1. How much fun, you look beautiful and I love, love, love the pic of Jos!!

  2. You are all WAY too cute! I just snapped a pic of my little guy in his skivvies and galoshed – what is it with these boys!? 😉

  3. Well that is quite the fashion statements, seriously, the crew looks hot and what a fun event! I love your sons modesty…what…just taking a drink…what are you looking at?

  4. Ummm . . . are those gestapo boots on Tom and Jer?

  5. oh yeah, you know it. heh.
    $8.00 rubber boots….canadian tire special.

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