dark, dismal and delightful

it looks like rain today.
i absolutely love rainy days.  the dark, threatening sky somehow seems to give permission to “hunker down” and be still.  not that i need permission, but sometimes it feels as though i do. 

we plan on hunkering down here today anyway, since the kids have both caught the nasty cold that’s been going around.  they haven’t had even a sniffle in the last 5-6 months, and now it seems that they’ve caught a doozie.  so, today i play nursemaid and give myself to nurturing them back to health.  i’ve been making lime and honey tea, and garlic and honey toast…along with doses of tylenol cold to help them (and us!) sleep.  here’s praying for speedy recoveries all ’round.

jeremy spoke at church on sunday.  i love listening to him preach.  its like i get a whole new revelation into his soul.  even though we talk and share all the time,  its like he articulates his heart differently, and i love it.  plus i am always inspired.  anyway, he was speaking on being a servant.  and how we, as christians are supposed to humbly serve others, with no ulterior motive.  simply to be as christ.  and to show christ to the world.  and he also spoke about having joy, and asking God to fill us with joy.  i realized how very important this is.  first of all, as the bible says, the joy of the Lord is our strength.  his joy is what gives us the strength we need to face each day.  but i also believe that if we, as christians,  are to be different from the world, we need to really be different.  what is it that makes us different?  we still face hardships and difficulties and live “normal”life…but we have something that sets us apart.  we have christ, in us, giving us strength for the battle and joy in the battle. 

so today, i pray that my heart would be filled with joy.  not only for my own benefit, but so that those around me today, my husband, my kids, (my dog!), my neighbours would be able to sense jesus when they are around me. 

have a great tuesday ya’ll!

(and hmm…wouldn’t you know…the sun’s breaking through the clouds.  so much for my nice rainy day.  ach, vell. ) 


2 responses to “dark, dismal and delightful

  1. Sounds like you love being a mom and a wife…me too. Do you feel like a dying breed? Love your site.

  2. yes, i do love being a wife and mom. its what i always wanted to do/be…even when i had a career…and here i am. sadly, i do feel like a dying breed. or i feel like people think its really weird (or lazy??!!) to not be “working” on top of it all. 🙂
    oh well… its my life. i love it. (although, as you know, it’s not without its challenges!!—lots of those!)
    thanks for the comment!

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