humorous searching.

ok, so those of you that have a blog, or at least a wordpress blog, know that it gives you daily stats…of which include “search engine terms”…  words or phrases people were google-ing and happened across your blog. 

i always get a good chortle/chuckle/guffaw at some of these terms.  how they got here from there.  huh?  for example…a selection from today’s findings include:

*weirdest place you have ever peed*    (why??)

*prayer for a beautiful body* (sorry! can’t help you there.)

*yoink*  (seriously.  someone googled ‘yoink’.)

*stern face grandma* (do i have those on my blog?!)

oh, and lots more. 

hosanna is crying.  i’d better get back to biniss….

OH!   and just because i love to use vinegar for everything (so non-toxic and good for so much!)….i found another great site…check it!

ok….great thursdays all ’round!



One response to “humorous searching.

  1. All I can say is . . . yoinks! (Google that, buddy)

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