i’m a lucky gal. yep.

well, today is friday, and one of the ever-so-cool and special and fun and lovely things about this day of the week is that my amazing and wonderful husband buys me a “friday gift”.  i know, right?  how great is that? 

its totally great!

not because i need things, but seriously, to be thought of every week in a special way…i LOVE it love it.

this week i got a very hip new mug.  (for those of you that know me, i drink coffee. a lot. and good mugs are VERY important.  very important.  heh.)

last week jer made me….yep, made me a framed piece of art work.  he’s great like that. 
other “friday gifts” of late have been:

*this book.  a very good read.  i can pore over it for hours.  eeenteresteeng stuff.

*very pretty smelly girlie soap

*wild mint lime hand and body lotion.  made with all natural ingredients.  and containing NO PARABENS!! (which is important.  parabens are used as a preservative, and they disrupt the hormones.  if you read up on them, you’ll see they’re nasty, and they are in SO.MANY.THINGS.  however, more and more products are going paraben-free.) 

* oh and lingerie.  *wink*

well, i think that’s just so nice of my sweet man.  he’s a keeper.  i loaf him.

have any of you checked out this magazine?  jer’s mom just bought us a subscription when we told her about it (thanks mom little!) and its really rad and full of good arty fun.

well, tomorrow is sweet saturday.  we are breaking the cinnamon roll tradition (*gasp*) and are instead having fresh baked croissants.  (ohh!)
then we are going to church.  we are having a worship time which is going to be followed by a 24-hour prayer time.  we have each signed up for different hours to pray at the church.  it should be good.  prayer is good.  God is good.  He really is. 

well, have a good one!


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