you say it’s your birthday! well, it’s my birthday too, yeah.

no.  it’s not my birthday.

AND my sister is in labor as we speak, SOOOOO…..

jeremy and the new baby may have the same birthday!  (hence the beatles song above)

i bought jeremy a guitar for his birthday, along with some chocolate (he’s a big fan of DARK chocolate, in case anyone wants to know!)….and a suh-weeeet calendar of our favorite show.   oh, and a new caribeener to replace the one that broke (for his keys)…he was bein’ all sneaky and stole mine, thinking i would be too dumb busy to notice.  nice try though.

oh, and today, we finally got a new rug for our living room…and as soon as we put it down the dog tried it out (that’s code for PEE).  SERIOUSLY!!!! WHAT WERE WE THINKING!??!?!?!? BAH!  dogs!!! grrr…!!!!!  ****loathing******* 
i know, i know…i was amply warned.  can’t really say anything.

anyway, i have a heap of stuff to do, so i am gonna fly. 

i just wanted to put up a quick post to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO the love of my life.  hope this year is SPLENDIDLY excellent!



2 responses to “you say it’s your birthday! well, it’s my birthday too, yeah.

  1. Happy Birthday Jeremy…!!! fun party.
    I can’t sleep…its now 1:36 a.m. and I’m waiting to hear from Sara…
    guess baby isn’t going to be born on Jer’s BD.
    Its weird waiting for your baby to have her baby….*sigh* Please God let it be soon…..oh Melanie…about that dog….hehehe…what can I say?

  2. Happy belated bday to Jeremy. Have many more!

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