playing catch-up!

well, it’s been awhile folks!  i’m such a slacker.

so many things to blog about…where to start?!?!  
hmm….well,  jer had his birthday.  we had a few peeps over that evening, and it was fun. 



ok, the next day, my sister had her baby, which i already mentioned.  🙂 

yay congratu-ma-lations!  i don’t have photos, but you can check some out here, at my momma’s site.  she’s a perfect and beautiful baby…and she looks exactly like her daddy!  i’ve heard that babies, when they are born, always look like the father so that there can be no doubt in his mind that they’re his.  true?  dunno.  but in my case VERY.

that same day, jer’s mom and dad came to visit for the weekend.  it was a great weekend.  the weather was beautiful, we had turkey on sunday (canadian thanksgiving) up north where the colors were p.e.r.f.e.c.t!  (the trees i mean, not the turkey…although the turkey’s colors were rather good as well). 
since my birthday is coming up next WEEK, jer’s parents brought me a gift early (yayayaya!)….it was:   Fiesta dishes!  i’ve always loved fiestaware, and we had some from our wedding, but the whole idea with fiesta is to have all kinds of colors going on…(think mexican restaurant), we had 4 settings in one color.  but i was given 4 more settings in different colors.  oh how delightful.  !!!  now if i could just get a mariachi band to come play for us every night around 6:00, we be set!  ha! yeah. hmm.

fun colors, yes?

the cupboards are a much happier place these days. 



ok, and here’s me with my wonderful, and, as i discovered, already patented idea.  cutting onions with ski goggles on…works beautifully….and gives you a sunny tint to make your day bright.   i felt really cool, so i wanted to share the love with ya’ll.  ain’t no way i’m gonna buy “onion goggles” when i gotta pair of perfectly good ski goggles right here.  i know, right?  smart cookie. 


now if i could just find a great magical solution for my latest issue:  FREAKIN’ FRUITFLIES!!!!!   any help?  i’ve tried the apple cider vinegar traps (they work, but they keep on coming!), i put all food sources away, etc.!  i’ve even put a curb on my composting, since every time i opened the bin in the garden, a bagillion of them flew into my face.  don’ 

except wait.  for the big-freeze.  that’ll kill ’em dead. 
however, in the meantime, any suggestions ….greatly appreciated!

well, i got up way too early this morning, and i’m realizing how rambly this post is. i should stop. 

have a great friday!


5 responses to “playing catch-up!

  1. cool, colourful, cupboards!

  2. The mask is hilarious! Oh my, You would be scary to run into in the kitchen…knife, mask, fumes that make you cry….kinda like a weird horror movie

  3. oh yeah. it can get pretty scary around here. heh.

  4. We love Fiestaware! My grandpa went to the factory in West Virginia and bought us absoluetly everything for our wedding. And, we have Andrea’s grandma’s fiestaware hanging on the walls for decoration (can’t eat off of it because of the lead glaze they used to use).

  5. oh cool! i love it too….and now they proudly boast their lead-free-ness. yay!

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