let’s do this thing.


blog funk.

let’s say it all together guys:  “buh-lawhg fuuuuunk”

what can i say?
my blog is sitting here, unchanged, untouched, un-cared-for.  i can’t even remember the last time i posted (well, i guess i could just go look at my last post.  too easy.) 
so what’s the deal with me?
i guess its just been life as usual.  READ: crazy.busy.running after 2 toddlers.and.a.dog.oh…..and feeling like i got hit by a truck, to boot!  yes, i got the nasty cold that’s been going around.  so, it’s really a combination of living in the fog that is snot and phlegm and trying to stay on top of my life.  🙂  

howEVA!  my 31st birthday came and went since i was here last!!! YAYAYAYAY!  i decided that my way of dealing with getting old maturity is to simply and unabashedly embrace it!  i LOVE being in my 30’s!  i feel so free.  so alive.  truly vivacious.  grrrrr!

i did get a great and most fabulous sewing machine from my dear jeremy. 
goal:  learn to sew.  well. 
make lots of great and wonderful things.

and i got many other wonderfully fun things to delight in!  wheeeeeee!

well, it’s friday night.  the kids are sleeping!  we just scarfed back some very delish homemade pizza (from scrizzzzatch yo!)  and popped a bottle of wonderfully crisp inniskillin, so…..i must not make my dear man tarry any longer.  ta ta!

hopefully this funk is over and you’ll be hearing all about my oh-so-exciting life much more! 


happy friday night!



2 responses to “let’s do this thing.

  1. Boozing it up on friday night, eh? Sounds like a fabulous idea.

  2. YaY! you’re back! missed my morning chuckle. see ya soon…I emailed you about those Tomatillo plants. <mom

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