camping out. but not fun-camping.

today i am camping out on the couch.  i have had this cold for well over a week now, and i keep feeling worse, then better, then worse again.  so…i’ve decided i just need to park my butt and R.E.S.T.  yes.  i am going to do as little as possible today.  i have a feeling i will be watching a LOT of bob the builder, franklin, rolie-polie-olie, etc. 

the kids are both seemingly on the verge of sick also.

here’s a quick snap to help you visualize our cozy get-well-soon-on-the-couch kinda day.  🙂


sounds cozy, yes?


pray that we get well quickly!!!  or else we may have to endure a few more days of this.  😉

have a great thursday. 



4 responses to “camping out. but not fun-camping.

  1. oooooh, my darlin’ ones…want me to bring you some chicken soup?

  2. You look great for being sick, I think thats how I look on my good days!! Jos looks so grown up, I pray you all feel better soon. Luv and miss you all, Sarah

  3. thanks sarah!
    we miss you too! we wanna see more pics of your family. gabe must be getting so big!

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