winter’s on its way.

so i woke up this morning to a white frosty lawn, and butter that was hard to spread on the toast.  (we keep our butter dish on the kitchen table so its easy to use).  
i guess this means that winter is really gonna happen.  soon.  *sob* *sniff*

i am a lover of warmth.  i am a loather of the cold.  it gets in my bones, and it makes me wanna cry. 
even though the thought of facing another long and arduous canadian winter makes me cringe, something warms up inside of me at the thought. 
there really is no better time than winter for making a cozy home.  candles, cinnamon scents, warm freshly baked bread, little white christmas lights, cozy sweaters, sluffy slippers,  kids in snow suits with red rosy noses and cheeks, curling up with hot cocoa and a good book or movie and a big cozy blanket, thick chunky stews and soups, chili and corn bread,  long hot bubble baths, woollen mitts, hats and scarves
……mmm……there really is no substitute. 
i admit….something is already longing for the cold winter. 
but you can believe that by february i’ll be singing a different tune. 
however, until then, i will anticipate all that the winter promises.  🙂 


(plus jer looks so cute in all his winter gear.  joshijah too.  this photo was taken last march.)


4 responses to “winter’s on its way.

  1. hmmmm….that ALMOST makes me look forward to winter too….I’ve been outside today putting my garden to bed. It really has been a beautiful fall and I can’t believe its already Novemberrrrr. well….I guess its time to let go and get on with the snow. love you, momma.

  2. love you too. 🙂
    it’s ok. winter will be great.
    jer’s SO excited for snowboarding to start!
    he and tom have their passes and their gear all ready to go. now we just need the snizzzzzoow!

  3. I love the seasons–there is something in my blood that needs the cycle of spring, summer, fall, and winter. And, as you point out, winter has a character all its own. Who doesn’t love sledding and skating, warm hot chocolate, and the incomparable feeling that comes with the Christmas season? Although I think we are all going to have to hunker down for a cold one here in North Bay, I look forward to the beauty of the North in wintertime.

    (Ask me again how I feel about winter after we get pounded with a few feet of snow and I have to shovel the driveway!)

  4. Wow, I haven’t gotten our winter stuff out yet…I’d better get it quickly cuz that snow looks serious!

    thanks for sharing the snow without the cold! (though I think I felt it in your description)

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

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