some new family favourites…

little miss may-may playing in the tissue paper at amelie’s baby shower.  wheeee!


jos wondering “what the?”    (holding his newest cousin amelie)
my dear jer-jer doin’ his sexy coca-cola ad pose. 

and me, being my usual retardo self.  
happy sunday night!


4 responses to “some new family favourites…

  1. I totally agree with that sign!

    And, dude, retardo is not the preferred nomenclature. Differently abled, please.

  2. man o man o man….how cute are they….
    ooooieee can’t hardly stand it! 🙂

    “differently abled”? ….wow hahahah haven’t ever heard that one before.

  3. thanks for the pics mom….i stole them from your facebook! 🙂

  4. Wow Mel….your face is so, um what’s the word…I can almost see it….no, no I can’t…let’ s just stick with retardo. You guys are cute and your kids…well yeah, they lucked out.

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