all the details…

one thing that i love about God is that He is concerned about, and looks after the details of our lives, if we trust them to Him.  i was reminded of this yesterday.

the story begins sunday.
well….actually a couple of months ago.

we got a puppy.
this was a bit of an impulse decision.
i mean, seriously.  who in their right mind gets a PUPPY when they have 2 toddlers?
well, ok…so we were warned and advised, etc.  but we went ahead in our
naivite (sp?).

over the past 2 months, i have struggled, screamed and pulled out my hair.  this puppy was very cute, and very friendly and would eventually grow up to be a wonderful family pet.  i was NOT going to give up and be weak.  i would PERSIST and train this puppy if it was the last thing i did.   to be honest though i was SO ready to be free of this crazy responsibility.

fast forward to sunday.  we went to church, as always, and left the pup in the yard.  little did we know that she was going crazy and BARKING and YELPING endlessly for a few hours.  we got home, and the neighbour was quite upset.  told us we needed to do something about the dog.  apparently every time we were gone, she would freak out the entire time.  (we didn’t realize…i mean, we weren’t around to hear it!)

so, after feeling really badly and wondering what to do, we made the decision to get rid of the dog.  it made me feel bad, but SO RELIEVED!!!!!!!! 
but….now we needed to find her a good home.

we decided to post her on freecycle.
i was nervous to do this, envisioning all kinds of weirdo’s wanting my dog.  🙂
so i prayed, and jer prayed.  very simply asked God to be in control and to bring the right people.
well, the next morning i got an email from an interested lady.  i gave her a call, and she was a sweet danish lady.  she and her husband had recently bought a farm with 23 acres!!!!!!  (run, tennessee, run!)  and their dog of 16 years had died last year.  they recently started talking about getting another.  her husband had this week mentioned to her that he wanted to get an australian sheep dog.
AND….one day prior to our conversation, her brother-in-law was talking to her about freecycle.  she had never heard of it before, but checked it out. 

and there was our post.

i told her….”well, i think this was meant to be”.

i knew it was right.  when they came to the door i gladly handed over the puppy, knowing it was best for her, for us and for the new family. 

once again, God answered our very simple, trusting prayer. 

he even cares about our pets. 

so, this ends the puppy saga.

i feel happy and free,  and glad to give her the room she needs so desperately. 
and i am thankful to the Lord for being real and present in our lives. 
even in all the little details. 

He is goodness.



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