here he is!

well, jeremy’s gone and made himself a daddy-blog. 

you can check it here…or go to my blogroll…..

another one joins the blogosphere.    yessssssssssssssss!     😉

**and something else that’s pretty amaz-zA-zing…
this video that my MIL emailed me yesterday.  i mean…seriously.  so cool.  i wish my kids could take this class.

watch, and be amazed!

happy thursday!


5 responses to “here he is!

  1. I know they are teaching kids to survive, but I still found that video disturbing–maybe the fact that they are letting the kid float there crying. Gave me the willies.

  2. yeah….me too, but amazing still…and as soon as he picked the kid up she/he??? was smiling, so…i’m sure no scarring. 🙂

  3. This was hard for me to watch too but I realize the importance of it…
    ~simply stork~

  4. you hava coool hubby. with a blog. hows today going?

  5. today is good. i feel MUCH better!
    joshijah is tickled PINK about the snow…he was out playing….i have to go this aft. to buy him some new gear… boots, coat, snowpants, etc. and hosanna needs boots too. i looks so pretty outside. 🙂
    how are you?

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