anybody still out there?
i dare not even check my sorry blog stats these days, not having posted in, um…well….3 whole weeks.  so, i guess this entry is likely just for my own cathartic good.  i’ll do my best anyhow. 
to be honest, i have no real excuse for not blogging.  i could make one up (what do you mean NaBloPoMo means we have to blog every day?!?!?! i thought it meant we weren’t supposed to blog for at all!  sheesh.  now you tell me! …….good thing i didn’t sign up for that anyway.  heh)  but i guess really it comes down to life being…well, life.  which is bizzy-for-shizzy, and now with my firstborn no longer napping during the day, well…let’s just say that busyness is extreme.
ok, maybe some. 
but not many.

christmas is nearly upon us, and the weather is COLD!  which is wonderfully cozy and delightful.  the kids are now outfitted in their new snowsuits. (well, not now , they are in bed sleeping, afterall.  what kinda mom do you think i am?) but they have their fun warm clothes and new hats (courtesy of my mom and her amazing crafty skills!!  pics of those coming tomorrow!) 
i just purchased sufjan stevens’ christmas album today on itunes.  it’s very chill, mellow, fun and festive, and musically excellent.   its great.  seriously. 

we we’ve just about finished the basement, which is now the “playroom” and will function also as a guest room should any persons want to come and visit us.  (please do!)  it turned out REALLY nice…i, for one, can’t believe it is the same room.  so gezelig (which is the dutch word for “cozy”, said with a lot of throaty spitting.)  of course we are still needing some toy storage and accessories (hey ikea. here we come.  although we vow over and over again never to purchase anything else from you, we keep returning like a dog to its vomit.)  did i seriously just say that?!?!  iiick.

yes, well…i’ve started my christmas shopping, but just barely.  picked up a few things here.  (a fun girls only outing with my mom, all 3 of my sisters, my daughter and my new niece!)
a little birdie told me that nana and papa are sending a gift to the kids soon.  (i can link to that, can’t i?  i don’t think my kids really check this blog too often…) 
but, shhhh…don’t tell ’em.  um, i am really excited about this.  i LOOOOOOOOVE playing house, dolls, kitchen, barbies, anything like that.  yeah, still. 
i am afraid i might spend too much time playing, and not enough time doing what i oughtta. 
but that’s ok. 
the kids need me.   

well, i hope this blog entry kick starts me back into action.  i’m feelin’ it.
i truly hope i have not lost everyone’s attention.  (all 3 of you…)
i may gather together my courage and check my stats now. 

have a good night, and i’ll be back tomorrow, Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise, ya’ll.



3 responses to “hellooooooooooo!??!

  1. hey!!! ya. Welcome back . my favourite blog.
    you make me laugh so hard. it kicks my day into action.
    love yoooou. m

  2. I check everyday, well almost, I might miss every few weeks, but I love the texas ending!! Can’t wait to see you guys soon! Sarah

  3. Welcome back darlin’…I was having withdrawal symptoms and didn’t know how to deal with it!

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