well actually…

yesterday i went to blockbuster to pick up a movie.

while i was at the counter, the clerk (guy) asked me, “have you always been that tall?”

huh? wha?  i eyed him curiously, not quite knowing what to say.  yes?  no?  maybe?  

well, actually, yes…  see, my mom had a really tough time giving birth.  she’s currently in the guinness book of world records for giving birth to a 6 foot tall newborn.  🙂   AND ACTUALLY, now that you mention it, i used to be about 7 inches taller, but just recently had surgery to have about half of each of my calves removed, which brings me down to my present height. 

ok, i know he was trying to find the right segue into a conversation about height, and so i’ll give him a break.  plus it had me chuckling to myself for quite awhile after i left the store.  haha!

(incidentally, i am 6 feet tall, and was wearing boots that made me taller.  the reason he asked is because his sister was 6 foot 3.5.  now that’s tall!)


2 responses to “well actually…

  1. hahahahahhahahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hahahahhahahahhahaaaaaaaaaahhhhhaaaa
    ya. that IS tall…I used to have people ask me weird things too….yuk yuk yuk. people are funny.

  2. ah, is I had a dollar for every time someone asked me how tall I was, I just might be rich!! BUT, I just love being a tall woman and having a tall sister in law!!

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