making the big switch.

well, i have been feeling a lot like i need to switch to cloth diapers lately.  wishing now that we had done it all along, but not having had a washing machine until now, it’s been something we really weren’t able to do, practically speaking.  (um….yeah, run on sentence. i know.)

anyway, i’ve been wanting to switch, because i really believe that what’s in disposable diapers can’t be good for our babes.  not to mention the huge amount of waste they create.  ick.  (although some areas actually do recycle them.  ours not yet.)  yesterday, i was reading andrea’s blog, and she listed all of the ingredients of diapers, and it truly confirmed why i need to do this. 

here are some examples:

MALE INFERTILITY Disposable diapers could be the cause of the sharp rise in male infertility over the past 25 years. It is thought that disposable diapers heat up boys testicles to such a degree that it stop them from developing normal.

SODIUM POLYACRYLATE, which is linked to Toxic Shock Syndrome and can therefore no longer be used in tampons, is the super absorbent gel in disposable diapers. You can find the little “gel balls” on the skin of your baby’s bottom. It is interesting to note that employees in factories manufacturing sodium polyacrylate suffer from female organ problems, slow healing wounds, fatigue and weight loss.TBT (TRIBULYTIN) In May 2000 Greenpeace found TBT in Pampers® Baby Dry in Germany. TBT is one of the most toxic substances ever made. It harms the immune system and impairs the hormonal system. There is speculation that it could cause boys to become sterile.

DIOXIN Traces of the carcinogen Dioxin have been found in disposable diapers. Dioxin causes liver disease, immune system suppression and genetic damage. It is a byproduct of bleaching with chlorine gas and is banned in most countries. Unfortunately, the USA still allows it.

ASTHMA In 1998 a study showed that childhood respiratory problems, including asthma, might be linked to inhaling the mixture of chemicals emitted from disposable diapers.

UTI INFECTIONS IN BABY GIRLS also seem on the rise with an increased use of disposable diapers.

BABIES POORLY DEVELOPED OUTER SKIN LAYER ABSORBS ABOUT 48 CHEMICALS if you use disposable diapers & wipes and standard baby products. This can be greatly reduced by using cloth diapers and natural baby products.

You can find out more about the above topics on our cloth diaper articles page or at and

 **enough said!

 joshijah is 2 years and several months old, and can and will use the potty most of the time…but not at night yet.  during the day its often hit and miss….
hosanna is almost 18 months, and both yesterday and today she’s gone pee on the potty. 
so, they are both “on their way”, but not there yet. 
it’s a bit of an investment to buy cloth, but…then if/when we have another baby, we won’t need to buy them again.

so, the big thing to decide now is what to buy? 
so many options out there.

any ideas?


2 responses to “making the big switch.

  1. we used homemade fitteds with bummis wraps that were loaned to us for the first two months with our daughter. then we bought fuzzi bunz and have been using those, small and medium sizes. we love them! i think they are worth the expense, especially since they can be saved for future children. there are a myriad of choices out there, but i liked these best because of their ease and cleanliness. the old-fashioned kind are way cheaper but keep all the mess close to the baby’s skin so she’s sitting in a puddle. yuck. these don’t do that. 🙂 hope that helped!

  2. thanks annie! it does help. i’ll look into them. i’ve also been looking at Kushies. they look pretty good, easy, etc. and priced alright also. 🙂

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