i wanna switch back to blogger.

ok, call me stupid, but

i can’t figure out wordpress. 
it’s just not very user-friendly yet, and i’m just trying to embed something simple, and you wouldn’t think i’d need to be a programmer to do it.





5 responses to “i wanna switch back to blogger.

  1. So sorry about your experience. I’ve been with WordPress almost two years now, and I love it. I’m not at all geeky, either. Plus I’m old. 🙂 69 year old grandmother.

    Stick with it. You’ll figure it out. Don’t neglect using the forum. They are very helpful and patient with beginners.

    Blessings and hope with Jesus Christ,

    Shirley Buxton

  2. thanks for the comment Shirley. i’ll keep at it for a bit and see…my husband agrees with you. he’s a wordpress fan. 🙂

  3. I like WordPress too, even though I’m an off and on user. What r u trying to embed? And where? on a post, or on the sidebar? i always had trouble embedding stuff on the sidebar.

    When u write a new post, click on the “code” button underneath the title. U should be able to post code there for videos or photos or whatever.

  4. yeah, that’s what i was trying to do.
    it was a flash file…and when i went to my old blogger account to just *see* how easy it went over there, it was SIMPLE. but i couldn’t do it here. not in the sidebar..it was in a post.
    oh! and the pictures i always have to resize them, which is another step that blogger doesn’t require….you can upload any size pic and click small, medium or large and upload…and voila.
    but it will keep trying…and jer’s gonna do some upgrades for me when he gets a chance…

  5. Fine Art Of Fathering

    don’t give up….wordpress is the best solution for the blogging world….although i’ve got the word from cross the pond bout a new program…its pretty hush hush

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