enough of that!

ok, ok…
many people have been complaining about the “banana pancakes”.  well, not the pancakes, but the fact that every time they come to check this blog, the banana pancakes entry has been staring them in the face.  time to buck up and start typing again. 
a lot has happened since my last post, and then again….not much really. 

christmas was great.  very simple and quiet this year.  we planned it that way, and it was splendid.  the way it should be! 
right after christmas, we flew to texas…after hemming and hawing for a couple of days about what to do with our feverish, snotty, coughing children.  *sigh*…yeah that time of the year for all things pertaining to phlegm.  blech. 
texas was fabulous…once the kids were feeling better.  jeremy and i were even able to have a little romantic getaway here  for our FIVE.YEAR. ANNIVERSARY!!! (i mean, seriously….5 years already?! how did this happen? )
upon arriving back home, the cold and snow welcomed us with its frenzied ways,  sending me into deep longing for sunny days, sandals and flowey skirts.  the cold weather must have been responsible for sending us back into the cycle of phelgm.  each one of us got sick again.  i will be glad to get this out of our systems. 

anyways, things are looking up.  we’re starting to feel better and february is just around the corner…which means that spring is only….um….3 months away???  we do have a trip to NORWAY to look forward to!!!  and maybe i’ll get a big box of chocolate for valentines.  that always makes me feel better.  🙂

in closing, a couple of pics:


the kids in their jammies at my sister’s house…and me eating cake for steve’s birthday.  🙂  mmm…..


family snow pic…joshijah is really trying to smile.   this is his TRYING to smile face.  🙂


8 responses to “enough of that!

  1. I am sooo proud of you!!! You can keep this site up!!! I guess we razzed you enough last night, for the guilt to kick in!!!

  2. it’s true, it’s true!
    thanks for having us all over last night! it was great to hang out with ya’ll again. it always is. 🙂

  3. AHHHHH…what a relief…you’re back in business, I was afraid that I was gonna have to make the pancakes and send them to you to get you rolling again. So gald that you’re feeling a bit better…and thanks too for the pics, I was needing a canadian grandkid fix! Sending hugs all the way from here to there!

    mom little

  4. aahhh…ya, its good to see you’re back. the pancakes were beginning to give me nausea…aaaaa…just kidding.
    well…you have a nak for making me laugh m’head off. The phlegm thing really got me going. I think cause its so true…I remember the days of phlegm and snotabells….
    well…lets concentrate on whats to come…at least we can look forward to summer instead of it being behind us.
    see you guys tomorrow? love momma (omi)

  5. I laugh every time I look at that family pic, Jos is too funny!!

  6. And yet, after looking at the bannana pancakes for over a month, I have yet to make them . . . .

    You look pretty serious about that cake in the above pic.

  7. well, cake’s a pretty serious thing. 🙂
    as are banana pancakes.

  8. That is such a cute picture! All of you with your boggins on! BTW, I am so glad I don’t have to look at the banana post anymore!

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