oh how exciting (for me!)

i know this is a weird thing to get excited over (hence the “for me” in the title), but lately i am excited that i seem to be improving in my wife-and-mom duties.  you know, housekeeping, homemaking, nesting, whatever you wanna call it. 

seriously, i used to be excited if i had my bed made in the morning, because…honestly, it was rare.  it was like when jeremy came home, i had to usher him into the bedroom to show him the made bed, so he could congratulate me and tell me what a wonderful housekeeper i was, meanwhile tripping over all the laundry, toys, and dishes. 
(and, ahem…i’m not exaggerating either.)

anyways, lately i’m graduating to the next skill level.  my(our) bed is made every morning, and the kids too…the dishes have not been piling up, and the laundry is not mountainous. 

it’s crazy, but this makes me feel almost gleeful.  i could skip.  i could run and dance.  except then i look out the winda (that’s texan for window) and see the mounds of snow and bitter cold faces walking down the street, and the dancing stops.  (ok, ok…i know i complain way more than any human should possibly complain about the weather, but humour me please folks!)

some things i have been doing:
( in case anyone has issues in the same areas that i do)

***make the bed AS SOON AS the last person *cough* jer* cough* gets up.  do nothing else (including peeing or drinking coffee) until the bed is made.  it only takes a sec.  a made bed changes ones outlook on EVERYTHING.  for some reason.  i don’t understand it, but i wholeheartedly attest to this. 

***empty the dishwasher AS SOON AS the cycle is done.  this way your dishwasher is always willing to accept the dirty ones, and you avoid pileups.  nasty pileups. 

***make a menu plan for the whole week, including a list of ingredients.  write the shopping list in order of your grocery store aisles.  man! this is fabulously simplifying.  AND…we save money since it seems impossible to “run” to the grocery store to get one thing without spending a minimum of $50 to $100.00.  don’t know why that is, but again.  ’tis true for us.  we have eliminated MANY “quick” trips to the store by taking the time to PLAN.  

***never leave a room without scanning it for stray items and take them with you.  deal with stuff right away.  don’t leave it for “house-cleaning day” or housecleaning day will need to be “house-cleaning week”. 

i’m still on the very exciting journey of learning (yes.  i like to live on the edge.  i’m crazy like that.)  but just wanted to share my victories, however miniscule or seemingly meaningless they may be. 

i hope that tuesday is treating you all well!



9 responses to “oh how exciting (for me!)

  1. Oh Melanie! I am so proud of you! You are more organized than me…and you have kids!! Keep up the good work!!
    Let’s do coffee soon.

  2. um…sherri…you are the MOST organized.
    i can only hope to be like you. 🙂
    thanks for commenting! 🙂
    i’ll call you soon, coffee definitely!

  3. Its crazy how an organized, clean home makes you feel so good!! I feel the same way now that we organized and cleaned from top to bottom for our homestudy, lets hope I can keep it that way! Miss you much, think of us as you look out your winda?!

  4. i always do! 🙂
    love ya!!

  5. Such wisdom in one so young…I’m proud of you girl.
    you should write a book….I’ve learned alot from you. love ….your mom 🙂

  6. ha! wha?
    thanks. 🙂

  7. The meal planning is the hardest part for me. I never seem to get to it 😦

  8. yeah. its hard for me to discipline myself to do it too…and i’ve been trying for years…but its been good for the last few weeks. i don’t stick by it religiously or anything, but at least i know that i have meals for the whole week when i get back from grocery shopping. 🙂

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