here’s where the fun begins…


why is jeremy wearing these hot-looking, sweet-action galoshes?

is it because the spring rains have begun to spread their love, with promises of sunshiney days and blossoms up ahead?!? 

is it because we are attending another ball for the boot-wearing jazz-lovers?

nope! and nope!
no, dear readers….uh-uh.

in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. 
spring is nowhere to be seen, and we have no such fun parties to attend in the near future….

what we have here is a veritable basement flooding.   the sump-pump decided it had done enough work for the year and took a vay-cay.  alas…water everywhere.   

so, jeremy donned his fancy footwear and got to work. 
shortly thereafter i quietly tiptoed down the stairs to let him gently know that the hot water heater wasn’t working….the pilot light went out.  (this happens when it gets windy outside….weird…  i guess we should get this igloo insulated afterall.  hmmm.  who knew?)  oh and here’s a little post-it note about jeremy…he did all of this with a wicked, seething sinus infection, which he has been battling for 4 days now…terribly painful….when i get a sinus headache, i am out.of.commission.  fully.  can we say woos-bag?  but jer…well, he’s a trooper. 

i then went upstairs to get the kids some dessert.  and, the yogurt container promptly fell out of the fridge upside-down all over the floor.  joshijah got to work and started licking it clean.  i can always count on joshijah to help out in my hour of need.  🙂

here’s me, just showing you the zit i woke up with this morning.  yesssss…sweeeeeet:


and a much more poised picture of me showing you my chapped winter lips:  
mmm.  check those crazy-woman eyes.   

yikes, it actually frightens me a little to look at this picture.  eww. 
how is everyone else doing?  🙂


6 responses to “here’s where the fun begins…

  1. Ohhhhh…aaaaaaaaaaa. hmmm. I don’t know how to respond. yikes!
    We have hope for tomorrow?
    yessss….we do.
    love you guys…tons.

  2. Could this be the price you pay for the wonderful hugs from Joshijah…seems like the minute you have a wonderful moment, the evil someone comes to steal it away…but again, you were your usual hilarious self in the description of a day in your house!! I knew you wouldn’t let the bad guys win…Get well, Jeremy!

  3. You should see my face right now. I think I just hit puberty, again. Hmmm… maybe pregnant? This always happens when I’m pregnant.

  4. yeah me too.
    hmmm…maybe i am too.
    i don’t think so, but hey….who knows?!

  5. I know the feeling, ever since we decided to adopt Devin it has been one thing after another and another and another…this morning my nanny told me this was probably her last day and I just laughed. Sometimes thats all you can do!! Miss you guys

  6. its true. laughter is good. 🙂

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