so much for the moment.

the kids fell asleep like angels last night. 
it was the first time in awhile.  we put them to bed at 7:00.  then….not a peep.


joshijah woke up as we were getting ready to go to sleep (of course).

after this many hours have passed, i don’t usually mind going in to snuggle for a minute with him.  it’s cozy and special, and he’s oh-so-sweet when he wakes up. 

“mommy, i yuv you”.

“i love you too.”





*me thinking:  i guess he’s fallen back asleep*

*whispering*   “mommy?”

“i ate a booger”


5 responses to “so much for the moment.

  1. Fine Art Of Fathering

    our kids are awesome!

  2. you’re right….they’re way awesome…and hilarious too! Give ’em some hugs for me…tehy can keep the boogers!

  3. Hilarious!! I needed that laugh this morning. Miss you much, boogers and all!

  4. hahahaahhaaa oh Joshijah…what a kid!
    I love you and your precious booger moments.

  5. Unbelievable!!!! Jos is my kind of kid!!! What a hoot. Good laughs. Love you guys. Dad D./Poppi D

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