I have got a SERIOUS case of cabin fever these days.  ARGH!
The weather here is SO C-C-C-C-Cold, it would be not right for me to take the kids outside.  Besides, why would i want to freeze my dang knickers off?!?!?!
So, here i am hunkering down, but BOY am i bored.  sure, there are a hundred things i could be doing.  but i don’t wanna. *whiney voice*  i wanna go and play outside.  i wanna walk in flip flops and a tank top to the park and push the kids on the swings.  i want to get the hoe out and start getting the garden ready for planting.  i want to walk down the street and look in the windows of the shops. 



*pulls hair out* 


3 responses to “feeeeeevah!

  1. Alright Mel…are you free on Wednesday or Thursday? I think we should get together for some coffee talk. You are more then welcome to come here with the kids or I could come over to yours….or….maybe we can go to Kristen’s for a play with her kids and you can see her place?? Let me know!

  2. SO sorry its so cold there, but at least you get to have some fun in the snow every year…the only time I see it is if I go out of state on vacation! I guess my pics from the beach didn’t help much either. Miss you guys much, wish I was there so I could hunker down with you!!

  3. ok sher…i’ll give you a call.
    sorry about the other day….that was crazy…everything happened at once. 🙂

    sarah…i loved the beach pics…i do wish i was there with ya’ll…but seriously…you guys all look so great together. you have such a beautiful family. 🙂

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